Aidan TØbias

Aidan TØbias

Aidan TØbias is a Cape Town based photographer – who is known for beautiful portraits and event photography.

His blog is referred to as the vagabondyouthclubwhich can be better understood as the following:

A vagabond is a drifter and an itinerant wanderer who roams wherever they please, following the whim of the moment. Vagabonds may lack residence, a job, and even citizenship.

Historically, Nazis regarded vagabonds as “individuals who are not socially accepted,” and forced them to wear a black triangle badge on their jackets, following a sentence on the grounds of vagabondage, “work shyness” and homelessness



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  • Augustine Posted September 4, 2022 7:12 am

    Definitely one of my favourite photographers in SA

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